Which package suits me the best?

If you’re not an expert on social media yet, it can be hard to find the right package. You can contact us now and we will immediately help you choose the plan suited best for you. We even offer you customizable plans!
You can see what’s included in every package under pricing.

What is Influencer Research?

Influencer marketing is the most up-to-date form of advertising and growing your business.
Contrary to popular belief influencer marketing can be implemented in every form of business model and that’s where we come in. We will provide you with not only possible influencers but also with strategies on how to go about leveraging them for your business.

What is Target Audience Research?

It’s simple. You need an audience that resonates with your content, service and product.
A big following that doesn’t identify with what you do is like playing Slayer to a crowd that came to listen to Mozart.
We will make sure that the followers you gain are actually interested in content like yours.

What is Hashtag Research?

Hashtags are the bread and butter when it comes to reaching new people with your content.
We will provide you with a good mix of unique hashtags that people search for when they try to find content like yours.

What do you mean by "Set Benchmarks"?

A benchmark in this case can be seen like a set goal. Give us a certain value (growth, leads, subscribers) and we will work towards the given value and optimize our strategies over time.
After results come in we analyze and further improve results or define new goals. Either way, you will get what you want.

What does Brand & Content Strategy include?

Literally everything you can think of. From which theme represent your business the best, over post layout, to where to distribute what type of content and how to structure your website depending on your goals.
What ever it is that you’re working towards, we can help you make everything around it fit.